Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) is one of the most eminent spiritual masters of the second half of the 20th century, whose life and discourses have influenced millions of people of all ages.

Osho has spoken on all kinds of issues that affect the human being of modern times, covering themes from the inner search to the contemporary and urgent social and political challenges worldwide. He has never written any book; virtually all the books that are credited to Osho are renderings of his taped spontaneous discourses before thousands of disciples during a 35 year period. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London“one of the 1000 makers of 20th century” and by Sunday Mid-Day of India as one of the 10 people, along with Gandhi, Nehru and Buddha, who have changed the destiny of India.

His speech is direct and sincere, inspiring within his audience a flame of inner awakening. His vision was to create the conditions for the birth of a new man, “Zorba the Buddha”, someone whose feet were firmly on the ground, but whose hands could touch the stars. This vision uniquely combines the wisdom of Eastern meditation traditions with the potential of transformation and the science of the modern schools of Western Psychology.

The meditation techniques he developed are a revolutionary contribution in the science of inner transformation, since they address the needs of contemporary man for peace and spirituality. In particular, the active meditations are designed to release intense stress from the body and the mind, in order to easily achieve stillness and a no-mind state of awareness. See meditation

Nowadays, in the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India, his disciples have carried on Osho’s vision. Thousands of visitors every year enjoy an alternative vacation and experience the ambience of meditation, joy and healing. The visitor can participate in the meditations available in the daily program or try one of the self-awareness and healing courses that are offered in the Osho Multiversity. At the same time, there is a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, tai-chi, yoga or archery classes… coffee and restaurants with organic menu, whereas the nightlife often includes dance and parties. The above combination is a real opportunity for the visitor to experience “Zorba the Buddha”. You can have an on-line virtual tour and get more information regarding the Resort and its programs at www.osho.com.

An excerpt from Osho’s vision of the new man:

“I teach a new man, a new humanity, a new concept of being in the world. Man has lived up to now a pseudo life. Man has lived in great pathology; man has lived in great prison-disease. We are in the prison because we have believed that prison is our home.

My message to humanity is: Enough is enough!!! Awake! See what man has done to man himself. In three thousand years, man has fought five thousand wars. You cannot call this humanity healthy. And only once in a while a Buddha has bloomed. If in the garden, only once in awhile a plant brings a flower and otherwise the whole garden remains without flowers, will you call it a garden? Something very basic has gone wrong. Each person is born to be a flower! Each person is born to be a Buddha… Hence…

I declare to you your Buddhahood

But what has gone wrong? Man has lived in misery because he is split in two. Man has lived with the concept of either/or: either be a materialist or be a spiritualist, either God or Devil. You cannot be both. You have been told to repress many parts of your natural being. And by rejecting them, by denying them, you cannot destroy them – they simply go underground. They go on functioning from your unconscious, dissipating your energy. The denial and the fight dissipate your energy. αποδυναμώνουν. Accept them and you will begin to feel whole, while these parts are transformed and rested.

My message to humanity is, Create a new man – unsplit, integrated, whole. Buddha is not whole; he has no body. Neither is Zorba; he has no soul. I teach Zorba The Buddha – a new synthesis. The meeting of the earth and the sky, of the visible and the invisible, of sex and Samadhi.

And to create the new man, you have to begin with yourself

The new man will be a mystic, a poet, a scientist – all together. He will not look at life through old rotten divisions. He will be a mystic, because he will feel the presence of God. He will be a poet, because he will celebrate the presence of God. And he will be a scientist, because he will search into this presence through scientific methodology. When a man is all these three together, the man is whole.

The old man was repressive, aggressive. The old man lived through ideologies, through moralities, but not through awareness. He was a hypocrite; he lived through goals that made him live only in the future or in the past, loosing the present. He was repressed, angry, sad; he had lost his laughter and his spirituality.

The new man is authentic, creative. He lives through his awareness and is responsible to himself and to existence. The new man is open and honest. He lives here and now and through that presence, he will know what God is…”

Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Chapter 2

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