Bodynamic Therapy is offered in private sessions by Mouna Konstantinidou

Bodynamic is a somatic developmental psychology and psychotherapy approach. The Bodynamic system is based on the psychosomatic development during childhood, offering precise knowledge of the psychological function of each muscle. Thus, the body as well as the mind is totally integrated in the therapy. The system is founded on the following basic principles:

The Character structures, representing the child development stages. They include the psychological abilities developed by the child at each stage, as well as the motor development of the muscles.

The Character positions represent the positions adopted by the child as it develops in each character structure and they depend on the interaction with the parental environment. Three character positions are attributed in every structure. In the early position, the child psychologically gives up its ability or its right in each structure and the muscles of the given structures appear to be hypotonic. In the late position, the child keeps the ability or the drives of each structure and the muscles appear to be rigid. In the resourced position, the child shows a natural ability to interact with the environment in a given structure and the appearance of the muscles is normal.

The body map is a detailed tool we use to examine the character position of every body muscle of the client. The body map enables us to characterize the psychological content of the client.

The ego functions are 11 and they constitute a classification map of the psychological function of the individual. Each psychological function comprises a specific number of muscles.

The somatic-psychological and cognitive resources. This means that we assist the person to find these resources within the therapy context.

The body awareness and the body sensing.

When a person visits us with a particular issue, the combination of the above principles and tools are there to help us. We can then understand cognitively which ego functions are connected with the person’s issues. We can locate the person’s issues on the body and focus on the type of therapy this person needs according to the muscle response (support for the hypotonic and relaxation of the armour for the hypertonic). We can locate from the character structures the root of the issues in terms of age and finally assist the person to develop new somatic and cognitive abilities (resources) in order to overcome their issues. All these tools make the Bodynamic approach one of the most integrated in the modern world of somatic psychotherapy.

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