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Living as a woman

Being a woman means experiencing and containing an incredible life-power. In the dynamic of life balance, the woman represents the Yin energy: warm, generous, all-embracing. It is the energy that engenders life – the earth itself.

In the past, women were compromised in the family structure and depended on the male. Under this condition, most women lost their natural power, their essential female energy and the profound sense of self-esteem. In modern times, women have become more independent and freer outside the family. They are able to follow the career of their choice. This also means that they can equally prove their capacities in a world dominated by men. In order to fulfill the increased expectations of their role, contemporary women either activate the old survival strategies, such as seduction and manipulation, or adopt male strategies and attitudes, such as cold competition, cruelty or battle. For the sake of adaptation, women disconnected completely from their essential qualities, which are simply different from the qualities of men, developing excessive stress and deep anxiety in their psyche.

Many women come to wonder, what is the right way to be a woman, a mother and a lover, as well as a successful professional, without losing connection with their selves or sacrificing their personal vulnerable needs.

Living as a woman is a group work, where female participants bring their personal issues. The women feel and support each other, since they all have to deal with similar issues; thus, a very powerful energyfield of truth and love is created. In these workshops, with meditations designed for women and experiential exercises, we awaken the primitive maternal power of the earth that exists in every woman.

In these seminars, an immense female power-wisdom is born, which gives to every woman the opportunity to work with her anxieties and to destroy the limitations of the past, discovering a new experience and understanding of who she is as a woman. The contact with female power through the body restores a spontaneous joy, a vivid creativity and a clear intuition, that longs and needs to be shared.

Women work is available in:

  • Open group meetings on a weekly basis
  • One-day seminar: Getting to know the woman in me
  • Three-days seminar: Living as a woman
  • Five-days seminar: Living as a woman – Tantra for women