Therapy sessions offered by Mouna Konstantinidou in private:


In a counselling session, we assist the person to bring light to their issues. Counselling helps you to manage work, your love-life and emotional-related issues or deal with personal patterns. Regardless of the issue, we consider that everything we confront creates an inner conflict; it is as if two parts of our self share different views and feelings about something. Such a situation, logically, leads us to a state of unrest, because we find ourselves vacillating between the two parts. During the counselling session, we reveal these opponent parts inside us. Using experiential exercises, we consciously look at the emotions of the one part for the other and for our issue itself. Without attempting to change something, we allow ourselves to observe which part of us is in more contact with the reality of the present. Watching and detachment happen naturally; these are the basic keys which bring light to the situation, whereas and this same light and clarity guide us to the truth and to conscious choices.

Couples Counselling

1-1-dpp_17123-3-dpp_1717Intimacy triggers our deeply hidden traumas and, more often than not, we are the ones that tend to sabotage our relationships, activating old habits of accusation, demands, isolation, hidden expectations, compromises and control… We think we know how to love and we accuse the other person for our troubles… In fact, the truth is that we see ourselves and the others in a way that does not relate to the present, but it rather comes from the way we learned love when we were children…



We attend this session as a couple. We receive help, in order to realize what actually belongs to the present and what might be a projection from our past onto the other person. We really listen to what the other person has to say, beyond the usual “I am right” or “It’s your own fault”, and we take the necessary time to feel and respect, regardless of our defenses, which aspects of our behavior might hurt our intimate partner.

2-2-dpp_17134-4-dpp_1725We acquire communication tools, in order to cope with the crises that we face. In an intimate relationship, when we expose an issue with respect for the other person, giving time and space for sharing, balance comes on its own accord. Our relationship, and also ourselves as individuals, then are free to grow in love.